The second round of consultations into a number of proposed wind farm projects in the Irish Sea is underway.

This latest round follows the first stage of consultations for the Morecambe and Morgan projects that launched in November 2022.

Two statutory consultations will run for the Morgan and Morecambe’s generation assets, along with a joint non-statutory consultation for their transmission assets that will transport the electricity from the wind farms to the UK national grid.

There will also be a separate consultation into the Mona offshore windfarm being developed by BP and EnBw off the coast of North Wales.

The proposed projects will be located 20km to 30km to the southeast of the island, and are expected to have a massive impact on the ferry links between the Isle of Man and England.

Island households have started to receive leaflets with details of how to take part in the consultations.

A spokesperson for the Morgan and Morecambe wind farm projects said: ‘The first phase of consultation which took place in November and December 2022 was the non-statutory consultation for the projects.

‘The non-statutory consultation is not a legal requirement.

‘However, it allows us to engage with communities and stakeholders and gain their initial feedback on our plans, which will help the detailed design of the projects to deliver the best possible proposals.

‘The second phase of consultation is the statutory consultation. This is a legal requirement as set out in the Planning Act 2008.’

A spokesperson for Cobra and Flotation Energy, joint venture project partners for Morecambe Offshore Windfarm Ltd, said: ‘Morecambe Offshore Windfarm will play an essential part in the UK’s journey to a net zero future.

‘Collectively with the Morgan and Mona offshore wind farm projects, we have the potential to produce enough clean, renewable energy to power more than three million homes in the UK, as well as contribute to the security of the nation’s energy supplies.’

Speaking to the Examiner in November last year, Speaker of the House of Keys, Juan Watterson, said: ‘Generally I am supportive.

‘However, this is of significant concern to our island and the links between us and Liverpool and Heysham.’

The consultation can be found on Morecambe and Morgan’s website and will run until June 4. Construction should begin between 2026-27, with operations starting in 2028.

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