The Minister for Health and Social Care, Lawrie Hooper, has said that the Eurovision Song Contest will not impact the delivery and cost of patient services in Liverpool.

He revealed this in Tynwald this week after being questioned by Douglas South MHK Claire Christian.

She asked the minister on the patient delivery and cost, as well as the cost of travel and accommodation.

Mr Hooper responded: ‘There will undoubtedly be a sizable short-term increase to the population of Liverpool when the Eurovision Song Contest takes place between Tuesday, May 9, and Saturday, May 13.

He said the Manx Care emergency planning team was in contact with counterparts in Cheshire and Merseyside to understand the potential impacts of the Eurovision Song Contest on patient delivery.

Mr Hooper says that the cost of patient services will be unaffected by Eurovision 2023 as Manx care is charged already established NHS tariff rates for services referred to partner tertiary providers in the UK.

In terms of travel, Mr Hooper said: ‘Flight and taxi costs remain unaffected as the rates for patients travelling costs are fixed through the government contracts.’

He said that there is no similar contracted arrangement for accommodation, however prices can vary depending on the provider.

The minister explained they are cheaper the further out of the city centre.

He added: ‘The majority of patients from the Isle of Man travel for appointments which do not require an overnight stay and are able to return the same day.

‘Manx Care advise that they have had no communication from any of their partners that there will be or has been any impact on patients attending appointments due to Eurovision.

‘Those partners typically keep us informed of such potential impacts for example as they have done with the recent doctors and nurses strikes in the UK.’