External reviews of the Isle of Man’s schools are to be made public on each school’s own website.

It was announced in January that the reviews, carried out by Tribal Education Services, would begin with the examining of St Mary’s RC School, Peel Clothworkers’ School, Kewaigue, Castle Rushen and Queen Elizabeth II.

These reviews have now been completed, with a summary of each school’s overall performance being published on the respective school websites.

Speaking during Tuesday’s House of Keys sitting, Education Minister Daphne Caine confirmed that all schools in the island should be externally reviewed within the next three years.

She said: ‘Typically, schools will receive their final summary of the external validation visit within 14 working days.

‘The new framework within the DESC, which has been implemented across all schools and educational services since September 2022, has an emphasis on the participation and collaborative dialogue of a range of professionals both within and across schools and services.

‘All schools are required to undertake ongoing self review and evaluation as defined within the articles of government. The Tribal Education Service will then validate this review following their visit.

‘The framework, which can be used at all stages and ages, ensures the focus remains on the continuous improvement and development of all schools. It also aims to provide teachers with the confidence to make informed judgements and gives assurances to all stakeholders that learners are receiving a high standard of education across the island.’

Mrs Caine also confirmed that while the summary report of the review will be made available to the public, the schools’ action plans to work on the recommendations will not be published.

The Education Minister also highlighted what the Tribal Education Service will be evaluating, which includes learners’ positive relationships/attitudes, the promotion of positive/respectful behaviour and the school encouraging learners’ to take responsibility for their own thinking.

The second phase of school reviews will begin during May, with Ballakermeen High School, Victoria Road, Onchan and Laxey set to be evaluated.

Tribal’s lead validator, who met with school and service leaders prior to the first round of reviews, said: ‘School service leaders and teachers have embraced the external validation process as an opportunity to support continuous growth and improvement, which will directly impact on the children and young people.

'In adopting this approach to validation, which is based on our reviews of best practice in educational quality assurance around the world, the island is demonstrating its progressive commitment to the growth and development of children and young people’s education provision.’