The Unwin family have put up their annual Christmas lights, and this year they are raising money for local charity A Little Piece of Hope.

The family have put thought into a festive display since 1996, when they moved into their current house on Briarfield Avenue in Birch Hill Park, Onchan.

Viv Unwin said: ‘We have always put a lot of effort into our Christmas lights.

‘One year we weren’t going to bother, but the children cut through our pathway on their way to school, and the parents were asking us if we were not doing it that year, so in the end we put them up.’

Mrs Unwin explained that each member of the family plays their part with the Christmas light display. 

She said: ‘My husband and son put the lights up, I do the design, my daughter does the Facebook and marketing, and my daughter-in-law makes the lollipops, so it really is a joint effort.’

This year the theme for the lights display is candy canes and lollipops.

The family have been using their Christmas lights display to raise money for charity, which helps bereaved families and sick children, and in the past have raised money for Rebecca House and Hospice.

 Mrs Unwin said: ‘We thought we always put our lights up, we might as well do good with the display.’

The collection box can be found outside of the house, and this year the Unwin family have reindeer food ‘as a thank you for donating’.

If you are using Christmas lights to raise money for charity, get in touch by emailing [email protected]