An iconic Isle of Man fish and chip shop is finally set to launch a home delivery service in the new year after a protracted wrangle over insurance.

Peel Fisheries Chippy had previously been embroiled in a huge battle to secure insurance for the firm's delivery vehicles.

David Matthews, who owns Peel Fisheries Chippy, Cod And Castle and Quayside Fish & Chips, previously said he had contacted more than 50 insurance companies to get fast food delivery insurance, but was still unsuccessful in getting a quote.

Speaking in October, Mr Matthews said: ‘We are literally ready to go, we have drivers lined up, cars, tills set up at the back, an extra phoneline, but we don’t have the insurance’

Fast food delivery insurance protects drivers and the cars they use, when they are making deliveries.

A letter was issued in September last year by the Isle of Man Constabulary to takeaway business owners, which said: ‘Legally any person conducting any such deliveries on behalf of the business must have the appropriate, and correct, level of vehicle insurance in place to cover this activity.’

It said that delivery drivers are not necessarily covered under business use, and added: ‘It is therefore vitally important that you, or your drivers, review their insurance policies and where necessary disclose to their insurance company that the insured vehicle(s) are being used for delivering food, as any false claims (accidental or otherwise) given to an insurance company may render a policy invalid, and could lead to potential criminal offences.’

Whilst Peel Fisheries Chippy offered takeaway during the pandemic, and had insurance at the time for that, it stopped takeaways after the third lockdown, and did not renew its policy at the time.

However, the company's insurance wrangle now looks to be over and the business is set to start making home deliveries at the start of 2024, according to a statement to customers issued online by Peel Fisheries Chippy.

It read: 'The news you have been all been waiting for.

'After months of emails and phone calls with every insurance company and various MHKs, we are finally insured for fast food delivery!

'Mr Chip feels like Christmas has come early!

'We are so proud of how he persevered and raised it as an IOM problem.

'Unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer for your chippy delivery.

'Deliveries to the west will start in the New Year on Wednesday 3rd.

'This will give us time to celebrate Christmas and iron out the final details before deliveries commence.

'In the meantime, you can order from our website for collection!'

Online fans of the business reacted positively to the update and with many saying they were 'delighted' with the 'excellent' news.

Peel Fisheries Chippy also praised the 'brilliant' Department of Enterprise in its interactions on the post, saying the department had 'worked their magic' to solve the problem.

Speaking previously, Mr Matthews said: ‘We wanted to get into the delivery business after the summer when the business slows down a bit.

‘We thought it would boost our trade, and give the community something that everyone wants.

‘We invested heavily over the summer in new tools with online ordering systems, we bought a car, knowing that we were going to start delivering, but we have found the formality of getting insurance is impossible.’