A 22-year-old Port St Mary man who was involved in a fight in a Castletown pub has been fined £1,050.

Eoghan Patrick Thewlis brawled with a man inside and outside the Union bar in Arbory Street.

He admitted disorderly behaviour on licensed premises and being drunk and disorderly.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood also ordered him to pay £125 prosecution costs.

Prosecuting advocate Hazel Carroon told the court that Thewlis was at the Union on December 22.

Just before midnight, he was in the pool room and was said to have tried to separate a male and female couple who were hugging.

The male then punched Thewlis, which prompted Thewlis to punch him back.

Thewlis then went outside while the other man stayed inside the pub.

However, the man then came out and Thewlis ran over to him and the pair started fighting on the ground.

Police arrived and Thewlis was still present but the other male had left the scene.

Thewlis, who lives at Fistard Road, was described as unsteady on his feet and shouting as he was arrested.

Defence advocate Stephen Wood said that his client accepted that he was significantly intoxicated at the time of the offences, and asked for credit to be given for his guilty pleas.

Mr Wood said that Thewlis had no idea why he had tried to separate the couple, but he accepted that he did.

However, the advocate said that the other male’s reaction in punching his client had been extreme.

‘There were no significant injuries,’ said Mr Wood.

‘He has contacted the Union to speak to the landlord and apologise.’

The advocate went on to say that Thewlis had been barred from the pub as a result of the incident, but not yet told how long his ban would last.

Deputy High Bailiff Ms Braidwood fined Thewlis £450 for being drunk and disorderly and £600 for disorderly behaviour on licensed premises.

He will pay all amounts at a rate of £40 per week.