Government has said there will be no more 'food-based mishaps' after a typo was spotted in a survey sent out to residents.

Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) invitations were sent out to a selected portion of the island to accurately measure inflation, but some of the letters contained the words 'tomato puree'.

The HIES is run every five years and the letters are sent out by the Cabinet Office.

The bizarre typo has been shared widely on social media, with people questioning the meaning of 'tomato puree' at the end of the letter.

Government has said 'while they may be a little red-faced in the statistics office, this has been fixed for the next batch of letters.'

A statement on Facebook added: 'We can promise there won’t be any other food-based mishaps in the next survey round unless tomato puree is common enough to make its way into our inflation figures.’