Two former MHKS who lodged legal complaints against the government for age discrimination have their hearing dates set for October.

Ex Peel and Glenfaba MHK Geoffrey Boot and Garff MHK Martyn Perkins, who were ousted in September’s election, submitted their claims to the Employment and Equality Tribunal.


The Examiner previously reported that the two men’s complaints related to the fact that all MHKs from the last House of Keys who were not elected received a statutory parachute payment (a type of redundancy payment), except for Mr Boot and Mr Perkins because they were over 60.

Mr Perkins said he could not comment on the legal process.

The setting of a hearing date does not necessarily mean that a settlement may not still be reached before this time, through the conciliation procedure.

Both claims are now listed as being against ‘The Isle of Man Treasury’, though they initially were against ‘Isle of Man Government (Public Administration) – which is not a legal entity.