The enterprise minister says the TT funfair is not a ‘core element’ of the TT.

Lawrie Hooper was asked in the House of Keys on Tuesday what contact his department has had with the organisers of the funfair about options for this year.

This follows the government saying it wouldn’t be supporting its return for TT 2023 after it was also ditched last year, causing disappointment for youngsters given their lack of options for entertainment during the two-week period.

Mr Hooper said: ‘The organisers of the funfair made contact with the department in November 2022 regarding potential attendance for the 2023 TT period.

‘Having previously adopted a position ahead of the 2022 TT of no longer playing an active role in supporting the funfair, given it was not a core element, the department took the opportunity to review this position regarding 2023.

‘We affirmed its position and the funfair organisers were advised of this position on January 10, 2023.’

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse asked if local providers would be stepping in and if alternative entertainment would be provided.

The minister said he hoped local suppliers would provide services and entertainment where there is the opportunity for them to do so.

‘The TT fan park does provide quite a lot of entertainment and there’s a lot going on up there,’ Mr Hooper added.

He couldn’t provide information on any data previously collected on the impact of the fair in previous years.

However, Mr Hooper explained that the government has received information around the ‘pressure the funfair places on emergency and regulatory services’ and the impact congestion has on the walkways.

Tim Crookall MHK, the politician with responsibility for tourism and motorsport, previously said of the decision: ‘The department’s focus is on supporting entertainment that attracts visitors to attend the races and which doesn’t infringe on the wider infrastructure that is so integral to the successful delivery of the event.

‘We are continuing to try to build a fantastic visitor experience around the TT Grandstand area, with attractions, music, entertainment and hospitality aimed at attracting additional visitors and more business as a result of the increased tourist numbers.’