The Peel Gardeners’ Association has decided to disband after 80 years.

The decision was made at the annual general meeting.

A spokesperson said: ‘Although the association is financially sound the members felt that, due to their age (the average age of the members was 80-plus) and disabilities, they would be unable to stage the 81st show.’

A total of 12 people attended the latest meeting with no new members attending and, following a vote, the decision was taken.

The chairman of the association, Bert Quayle, was already planning to retire from his role after 14 years at the helm.

He said: ‘I feel very sad. However, we’re all old, in a few days’ time I’m going to turn 91.

‘I had a wonderful relationship with all of the members, we’ve all worked hand-in-hand to promote this show every year.

‘The show is something we have enjoyed doing for years and unfortunately younger people haven’t ben interested.’

The association’s members have decided to distribute most of the remaining money to local charities, however it will keep £1,000 in reserve in the hope that someone wishes to revive the show.

Mr Quayle, a former Peel commissioner, said: ‘I have received two calls from people who are interested in preserving the association, so I hope that more come forward as well.

‘There are quite a few people from all over the Isle of Man that would hate to see this fall by the wayside’

The spokesperson said: ‘The members have all stated that they would be willing to give all the help that would be required, so that they would not be starting from scratch.’

Anyone who would like more information about perhaps helping the association can contact Bert Quayle on 843167.