Garff commissioners has discussed the increasing problem of loose chickens in Laxey at its latest meeting. 

Chickens have been spotted roaming wild in Glen Roy, Laxey, with the commissioners looking to remind residents that it is a criminal offence to abandon the animals. 

Garff commissioner Mel Christian has expressed her concern at the increasing number of loose chickens, saying she is 'not sure why so many are being abandoned.' 

Speaking to our local democracy reporter Emma Draper, Ms Christian said: 'It’s not so much in the village, it’s in the area of Glen Roy, just outside Laxey. 

'We’ve noticed over the last three years that there’s been an increase in the number of chickens, cockerels, hens that seem to have been abandoned in the area. Initially it was two or three, but in one part of Laxey now there is now over 20 birds on the road in the area. 

'It’s beginning to become a bit of a problem. 

'Obviously, it’s a concern for the animals - but also for traffic going through the area when you have chickens running at your car as you’re driving. The worry is one day there could be an accident.  

'Abandoning poultry is an offence in section one of the 1997 "Cruelty to Animals Act" and I don’t think people realise the severity of the problem it’s causing.' 

When asked if the chickens should be reported to the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) or simply left alone, Ms Christian said: 'It's a difficult one really. 

'My understanding is the MSPCA aren’t able to take anymore in. I don’t know how much DEFA are concerned with it at the moment. They do just sort of live wild and feral, people do feed them and care for them. But obviously with the increasing numbers, it is a concern.'