Motiv8, the charity dedicated to supporting those affected by addictive behaviours, has appointed Gary Lamb as chairman.

Mr Lamb, chief executive of Manx Telecom and chairman of Strix Group, replaces Christopher Mitchell, who is retiring from the position although he will remain on the board as a trustee.

Motiv8 has been caring for those affected by substance and gambling issues in the island since 1978.

Its aim is to minimise the harm associated with drug, alcohol and gambling/gaming problems, not just for those directly affected but for their families, friends and the whole community. It offers free and confidential counselling to provide stepping stones to recovery through a range of therapies and support services.

Chief executive Thea Ozenturk said: ‘Gary has been a fantastic supporter and advocate of Motiv8’s work with people suffering from addictive behaviours. He is very well-known and respected in the business community. His industry experience will be valuable as we seek to raise further awareness for Motiv8’s services in the community and secure more financial support.’

Mr Lamb said: ‘When you see the damage that addictive behaviours can inflict, not only on the lives of individuals but on the lives of their friends and families, you realise how important it is to have a service like Motiv8. This is particularly true on a small island where the stigma associated with these behaviours can prevent people from seeking help.

‘Motiv8 staff can provide support for individuals to take that first step away from harmful behaviours. But, just as importantly, the charity also assists with practical and emotional support for all those who are impacted by living or working with those individuals.

‘I am looking forward to helping the team to increase the profile of Motiv8 and ensure that it can continue to provide and enhance its services in our community.’