Are you an impressive young person? No. Move along, pal. But don’t beat yourself up. I’m sure you’re great. Gef is calling all impressive young people or friends of impressive young people to get your nominations in for Gef’s 30 Under 30 2024.

You have until Friday 3 May at midnight.

Background info, just in case you need it, Gef’s 30 Under 30 is a campaign celebrating the island’s rising stars, elevating and celebrating an emerging generation of future leaders. Gef provides their outstanding young winners with a digital, social media, and print campaign that thrusts their finest achievements, talents, and contribution to the island into the limelight for all to see. Your face will be everywhere. You’re gonna be a star, baby! (Babies are not eligible for nomination. Nominees must be over 18).  

After collecting all the nominations, a panel of local judges choose 30 winners who excel in driving growth and leadership across the Isle of Man’s community and economy. Then we all have a big, cool party to celebrate. There’ll be booze, and music, and those mirror suit guys so you can spend the night having your brilliance reflected back to you. 

There are ten categories to nominate someone in: Achievement, Collaboration, Community Impact, Creativity, Disruptors, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Sustainability, and Trailblazers. 

Gef’s 30 Under 30 is for anyone, YES, EVEN YOU, unless you’re over 30. Then this isn’t for you. Sorry. But you can be involved by nominating someone under 30. Got a friend like Katniss Everdeen who’s been doing wonders in voluntary work? Why not nominate them for the Community Impact Award? Got no friends, but have a stand-out co-worker whose green fingers (not gangrene) are helping your company become more eco-friendly? Why not nominate them for the Sustainability Award? Got no friends or co-workers but have a family member who’s created the world’s first pair of metal detector sandals? Genius. Why not nominate them for the Entrepreneurship Award. Got no friends, co-workers, or family but play sport with a teammate who’s been kicking ass on court? Why not nominate them for the Achievement Award? Maybe you yourself are under 30 and know how much brilliant work you’ve been doing this year? Enough of this ‘oh it was nothing’ nonsense. NOMINATE YOURSELF. You deserve it. 

Decided to put a nomination in? Excellent. What to do next? Head over to and click the Nominate button. There, you’ll be asked to list out the reasons why the person you’re nominating is the best. Leave the dry corporate, stiff-upper-lip appreciation at home. It’s so boring. Instead, write from the heart. The soppier the better. We have tissues ready.

There is just one rule. You do not talk about 30 Under 30. Oh no, sorry. I’m confusing this with Fight Club again. The only rule is if you were a 30 Under 30 winner last year, you can win again, but not in the category you won last time. 

Nominees and entrants must be aged under 30 on 20 June 2024, and over 18 as of 1 February 2024. Nominations close on Friday 3, May at midnight, so get a groove on!