Our National Day - Tynwald Day - takes place on Wednesday.

Not only is it a bank holiday but it's the high point of the island's political year.

It is also an opportunity for people who want to present a petition for redress of grievance.

Petitions for redress are presented every year at the ceremony in St John's.

If you are going to present one, let us know first.

There is no better way to get publicity for your cause than through our newspapers and on iomtoday.co.im

The earlier we know about it, the better we can cover it.

Please include your telephone number.

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't let us know about it before you present the petition on Tynwald Day..

Guidance for potential petitioners is available on the Tynwald website and are available from the Legislative Buildings - Tel: 685500

Isle of Man Examiner, July 6, 2021

Petitioners should gather at 10.15am on July 5 at the Lych Gate to the Royal Chapel in St John's.

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