The government is inviting firms to discuss recycling sediment dredged from Peel Marina.

A government spokesperson said: 'An exercise is under way to gain feedback from businesses interested in recycling sediment removed from Peel Marina.

'In spring 2020 and 2021, around 23,000m3 of sediment was dredged from the marina to ensure its ongoing operation.

'It was then placed in a purpose-built temporary storage lagoon next to Peel Power Station to dry out.

'A Prior Information Notice has been issued by the Department of Infrastructure aimed at exploring options around removing the material from the lagoon and making it useful.

'Research has taken place which indicates that grading and/or soil treatment could improve its quality to such an extent that the majority would no longer be classified as waste.

'This would avoid the need for most of the material being disposed of through landfill, and provide several thousand tons of useable sand-like material for the successful contractor.

'The Department is aiming to gauge interest from companies who would process an initial 16,000m3 of stored material, with the option to process sediment from ongoing maintenance dredging for up to five years, estimated to be approximately 2,000m3 of sediment each year.

'To ensure the most sustainable route for the material, the Department is seeking proposals to treat, sort and reuse some or all the sediment in the island, although off-island proposals will be considered.

'The timeline for the removal, treatment and sorting of the material would depend on the successful contractor’s proposed facilities and methodology, and whether it already holds appropriate licences, including planning approval.'

Full details can be found on the Isle of Man Government procurement portal: