The Manx Breast Unit has been recognised for its ‘high quality’ cancer care.

Based at Noble’s Hospital, the unit offers a symptomatic breast clinic where one-stop screening and diagnosis is provided, ensuring patients have diagnosis within a short timescale.

Awarded the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark (MQEM), with an overall score of five meaning ‘excellent’, it assesses whether cancer facilities meet the holistic needs of people with cancer, aiming to set the highest possible standards for cancer care environments.

The assessment has two key parts. The first is local self-assessment, where the organisation assesses its own performance against the MQEM, followed by an external review by a team who visits the organisation to validate this information.

User feedback is ‘hugely important’ and patients, families and carers are interviewed as part of the assessment.

The Manx Breast Unit opened in 2016 and was funded by charitable donations. It is home to top of the range mammography machines, which allow 3D imaging to be quickly available.

The Manx Breast Cancer Support Group continues to work together with Manx Care to ensure that the Manx Breast Unit is equipped to the highest possible standard.

Overall, the unit exceeded the level required to attain the MQEM, according to Manx Care.

It was noted that staff and charity representatives work together in a co-ordinated way to ensure the patient is at the centre of their care.

Patients and their relatives indicated that they are very appreciative of the services on offer close to home, and feel the unit offers a supportive environment.

Assessors were impressed with the cleanliness of the unit, and commented that the welcoming environment instantly makes people feel more at ease.

Manx Care chief executive Teresa Cope said: ‘I’m so pleased to see the Manx Breast Unit achieving this fantastic result.

‘The team’s dedication to patient-centred care is evident, and their “excellent” overall score of five is testament to staff’s skill and compassion, as well as the joined-up approach with charities such as Manx Breast Cancer Support Group.’

An action plan will be developed to prioritise the recommendations made within the assessment report, which will help to drive more improvement going forward.

Service users will be consulted on future unit redevelopments, starting with upcoming changes to seating in the waiting area.