A new GP hub for Covid assessment and treatment has been created at Southern Group Practice.

It is one of a number of GP hubs that have been set up around the island - but which may not be needed once lockdown ends.

A ramp access has been created at the Southern Group Practice to the ’CATCH’ centre, which stands for ’Covid Assessment and Treatment Community Hub’.

Patients cannot enter without prior appointment and have to wait for the clinician before entering. Masks have to be worn inside the building.

This is one of a number of GP hubs designed to deal with those who may have Covid symptoms or may even be in isolation already.

Patients ringing up to book a GP appointment are asked a series of screening questions. For those presenting with Covid symptoms the idea is that they will be asked to attend one of the dedicated hubs rather than their own surgery. The hubs are purely for GP services.

Mr Ashford said before the latest lockdown work got under way in many surgeries to enable practices to see potentially infectious patients in a safer way.

He said in addition, the department intended to have sites in each of the geographic areas, manned by GPs who could see patients who were identified as "high risk" and who needed face to face appointments.

Facilities have been set up in the north, manned by Ramsey Group Practice, in the west, manned by Peel Medical Centre GPs, and in the south and east.

’These sites will not be needed following the lockdown period and will revert to their usual use, said Mr Ashford. ’If we need to revert to any further periods of lockdown those sites will be ready and waiting to reopen.’