The directors of the Corrin Home, which is set to close on July 31 with residents now moved out, have issued a statement hitting back at comments made by Health Minister David Ashford.

Speaking in Tynwald recently, Mr Ashford insisted that everything possible had been done to try to keep the home open for a further six months.

Mr Ashford said: ’The directors have made absolutely, abundantly clear, even with financial support, they will not operate past July 31.’

In a statement released to the Manx Independent, the directors pointed out that Mr Ashford had claimed that the trustees had not wanted the DHSC to step in and manage the home.

The directors refuted this, saying that they had suggested this to chief executive Katherine Magson, but were told that this would not be possible.

In Tynwald, the Health Minister concurred that in order to be able to step in and take over the running of the home, the government would need the permission of the holding company.

The directors also said that no offer of financial assistance was made by government.

Mr Ashford also said in Tynwald: ’They [the directors] also threw up a new problem for us, which I think was on June 1, when they actually advised that their insurance for the building and the operation runs out on July 19 - something that they had not previously advised us, which we found out at that point - and that the insurer is not willing to extend the insurance.’

The director’s statement addressed issues with the timing of this statement, pointing out that they had in fact informed the Health Minister in a meeting on May 17 that they would have problems obtaining insurance cover beyond the end of July.

Thirdly, the statement addressed Mr Ashford’s claim in Tynwald that the directors had not provided government with all cash flow information. The directors said that they submitted ’all relevant accounts together with cash flow projections’ to the DHSC for its perusal.

The statement said that the directors concurred with Douglas Central MHK Chris Thomas - who in that Tynwald sitting hit out at Mr Ashford and questioned whether the financial information requirements were a government ’trap’ to avoid saving the home.

The directors explained how they ’feel that there was no serious intent from the government to honour any commitment to extend [postpone] the closure of the home and sought to blame us for these failings’.

Lastly, the statement sought to make clear that ’Contrary to public speculation none of the directors or trustees have ever received remuneration for their services.

It added: ’Since the home opened in 1956 all the trustees, governors, committee members and lately directors have provided their time on a voluntary basis.’