The hospital is still under pressure with patients and is experiencing staffing shortages.

Manx Care says Noble’s Hospital is ‘incredibly busy’.

The hospital operates under the OPEL (operational escalation level) framework, which is used daily across the UK NHS to describe the operating pressures on a hospital, and is a recognised framework for managing patient flow and demand across acute healthcare settings.

A spokesperson for Manx Care said: ‘We have moved down to OPEL 3 and remain at this level at present.

‘However, as we are still incredibly busy alongside ongoing staffing pressures, we are continuing to respond as if we are on OPEL 4.’

It had been at OPEL 4 (the highest), meaning the facility was operating under extreme pressure.

A plan was activated last week when it began to ensure patient safety was maintained at all times.

Manx Care pushed its signposting, asking people to ‘choose well’.

The spokesperson added: ‘We are still asking that members of the public choose wisely when considering where to attend for healthcare support, and would encourage people to familiarise themselves with our signposting information.

‘We’d like to take this opportunity to recognise our colleagues and their efforts in providing safe and effective care to members of the public over the festive period.’

It comes after director of nursing Paul Moore explained it had been difficult to run the hospital safely.

He said: ‘We have been under pressure. We haven’t had as many discharges that we would like to have had because people are unwell.

‘It’s put a lot of pressure on the system. If you add in staff absence, it makes it very difficult to run a safe system.’

There have been a high number of ill patients requiring immediate treatment or admission for further care. Many of those attending have been suffering from flu or other respiratory illnesses.

Over the festive period, most of the services operated by Manx Care had a significant increase in attendances compared with 2021.

Mr Moore also explained that the organisation was forced to appeal for nurses due to staff shortages.

Manx Care recommends going to the Minor Injuries and Illnesses Unit (MIU) at Ramsey Cottage Hospital, which can offer X-rays.

The MIU is able to treat a complex range of conditions including dislocations or breaks, sprains, minor head injuries where there’s been no loss of consciousness, minor illnesses such as ear, eye and throat infections, abdominal pain, abscesses and boils, muscular pain, headaches, rashes, cuts, burns, and scalds.

Other options available include the Manx Emergency Doctor Service (MEDS), a GP service which operates out of hours when the island’s GP surgeries are closed.

Community pharmacies are also open, as well as the community dental service for patients who have a dental emergency but don’t have their own dentist.