All the world may be a stage but Lisa Kreisky is happy to see the spotlight shining on the Isle of Man.

Lisa is a familiar face to fans of the theatre, having starred in countless productions in the Isle of Man, to add to a number of stage and screen roles in the UK.

She now lives on the edge of Douglas with her nine-year-old son Isaac.

‘I love being back here,’ she said. ‘There is no better place to bring kids up.’

Originally from Hertfordshire, Lisa first came to live in the island as a child, with her family in 1988. She moved to London in 1998 to go to drama school at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

As she built a career in acting, Lisa also found time to travel the world, before returning to the Isle of Man in 2009, when she had Isaac, and she has remained here since then.

As well as her own show-stopping performances, and teaching drama, Lisa has set up Stage Door Entertainment with her good friend Kristene Sutcliffe, a fellow performer.

She has also continued to find time to travel, taking Isaac with her on a number of adventures, often after loading up a camper van to take them to new horizons.

‘Those memories are something you cannot put a price on,’ she said.

Lisa found time in her hectic schedule to talk to Destination Isle of Man – she had just finished wowing audiences in her role as Lina Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain and was about to start rehearsals for TheatreFest19.

‘I love performing but I also love helping others who want to give the stage a try,’ said Lisa. ‘That is why I’m so happy that I was able to set up Stage Door with Kristene.

‘The theatre can teach you so many things that can transfer over into life. It can give you confidence and can build your resilience and help you learn how to make a positive out of a negative.’

Whatever your creative release, Lisa says it can play a big role in increasing your confidence, particularly among younger people.

The Isle of Man, which has numerous groups covering all aspects of the arts, and hosts regular events such as TheatreFest and the Isle of Man Film Festival, has a strong track record in supporting anyone who wants to find their outlet.

‘There are some really inspirational people who work over here in the creative industries and we all work together to help cultivate the talent that is here.’

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking a starring role or are happy to stay in the background, there are plenty of different avenues to take.

Lisa said it can be particularly inspiring when otherwise shy or nervous children grow in confidence and learn to enjoy themselves.

In addition to her well-known theatrical connections, Lisa also runs a property management company and she says the island is a good place in which to do business

Lisa is also an experienced scuba diver but perhaps the most intriguing talent in her armoury is that of stage combat.

‘Safe stage-fighting is very difficult to do and keep realistic,’ Lisa explained. ‘Seeing it done incorrectly makes me, and anybody who has experience, very nervous!

‘I would much rather spend the time showing people how to do it properly and safely so they don’t get a sword stuck up their nose!’

Her first love is clearly the theatre and the scene is thriving in the Isle of Man, said Lisa, not least due to the availability of several smaller venues to go alongside the architectural classic that is the Frank Matcham-designed Gaiety Theatre in Douglas.

The industry can give back much and help many, Lisa believes.

‘I am so interested in theatre in education. Theatre teaches you how to speak to people, how to be diplomatic – or not diplomatic when the need arises.’

And it’s also good to know that if you do have to cross swords with Lisa, you’ll be in safe hands.