The Isle of Man Government made a £350,000 donation to the UNICEF Gaza appeal to support its humanitarian response.

Emergency funding is provided by the government generally through the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), but also, as in this case, to respond to ongoing situations.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan was asked about the government’s position regarding matters of international concern such as war, conflict and humanitarian aid by Rob Mercer MLC.

He said that as the UK is responsible for the island’s defence and international relations, the government ‘does not, therefore, formulate or execute what might be termed as foreign policy’.

Mr Cannan said: ‘Emergency Aid funding is provided generally through the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) although it is also provided in response to other appeals as is the case where a donation of £350,000 to the UNICEF Gaza Crisis Appeal to support the humanitarian response was approved by Cabinet Office Board at the end of February and has been paid this week.’