Tesco’s Shoprite buyout and Steam Packet employment issues are heavily on the agenda for Tynwald next week.

As the summer recess draws to a close, David Ashford is set to ask Chief Minister, Alfred Cannan: ‘In light of the merger of Shoprite and Tesco what assurances Government is seeking in relation to the continued use of local suppliers’ goods within the current Shoprite stores; when any part of Government was first informed of the merger; and why regulations under Part 6 of the Competition Act 2021 are not in place.’

Mr Ashford has spoken out about competition laws this week following the buyout, which will see Tesco take over Shoprite’s nine stores.

Similarly Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse will be asking Mr Cannan about the impact that the changeover will have on local produce.

Mr Moorhouse also wants more details from Mr Cannan about when Ministers have met with the Steam Packet to discuss changes to the terms and conditions of Steam Packet employees, and whether any consideration has been given to the fire and rehire policy.

Douglas East MHK Joney Faragher wants to know the same thing but from the Treasury Minister, Alex Allinson.

It comes as the Steam Packet is embroiled in a row with one union over proposed changes to working conditions which would see staff live on board its vessels for up to two weeks and work a watch system.

Mr Ashford and Tim Glover, MHK for Arbory, Castletown and Malew both want to know what progress has been made in the implementation of the Additional Education Needs Code.

In August last year, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture said that the code should be in place by September 2023. When the topic was brought up last year, some MHKs expressed frustration in the amount of time implementation of the code has taken.

Homelessness, flight connectivity and sex education will also be discussed.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Johnston is set to make a statement on regional sports hubs.

Mr Moorhouse will move for the creation of a night shelter, and for a report on the matter to be submitted by December. The island’s only facility closed last year, and no replacement has been set up.

Tynwald will commence at 10am on Tuesday, October 17.