The Isle of Man's meat plant is recalling more beef after concerns with certain processing practices.

It comes after a previous recall late last month that led to beef, reported as up to £60,000 by some local news sites, being destroyed.

After a Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) investigation, it has been determined that more beef processed at the abattoir in Tromode will need to be disposed of.

Since the original incident, which was announced in late January and led to people being asked to check Manx meat they bought between Christmas and early January, the Environmental Health Unit (EHU) has been investigating to ensure all processes meet industry standards, and in recent days, identified concerns with certain processing practices.

This has resulted in the EHU issuing an instruction that Isle of Man Meats must dispose of some additional beef processed at the factory immediately, and a small amount of beef product that was sent to Tesco this week has now been recalled.

Some further beef product had been sent to other local retailers, but all has been recalled and disposed of before entering the consumer supply chain.

It is understood that no beef was returned following the previous recall and there have currently been no complaints of ill health.

DEFA’s political member Dr Michelle Haywood said: ‘The health and wellbeing of consumers is paramount and as the regulator, the department is working closely with the Meat Plant team to ensure standards are being met.

‘Food waste, of any form, is a matter of regret in any business, especially in times of economic challenge and this decision was not taken lightly. Everyone involved understands the time and effort expended by our farmers in producing high quality stock for our local and export markets.’

Yet further actions may be required in the coming days.