Ronaldsway Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for ice and further hill snow on high ground.

It came info force at 3pm today (Friday) and is in place until 10pm tonight.

It comes after snow appeared on the Mountain Road this afternoon.

Temperatures over high ground (1000ft to 1400ft and above) are expected to continue to be around freezing for the rest of today, overnight and into tomorrow morning.

Further rain is expected also, continuing until early tomorrow morning when it should peter out.

However the continued risk of sleet or snow on roads above 1000ft will remain.

However with this falling onto widely treated surfaces and being generally wet in nature, only slight slushy accumulations are expected.

The Met Office added that this yellow weather warning is mainly for the risk of ice towards the end of tonight (Friday) and into tomorrow morning.

It says the concern being that the rain/sleet/snow may have largely washed away any grit by the early morning resulting in ice forming in places over the higher ground.

It adds that specific roads will most likely need monitoring and retreating during the early hours of the morning once the rain has largely cleared.