A primary school have unveiled a new reading shed built in memory of one of its cherished volunteers.

David Cowley, who passed away in January this year, spent countless hours listening to the children at Laxey school read as part of his volunteering duties.

The permanent reminder of David’s valued contribution to the pupils’ development has now officially been opened on school grounds.

A touching ceremony was held on Tuesday to celebrate the shed’s grand unveiling.

It brought together staff and pupils who honoured David’s enduring legacy of promoting literacy and fostering a love of reading among pupils.

Headteacher Craig Astin said that David’s dedication to reading with the children will always be cherished.

‘Naming our new reading shed after David felt like a fitting way to honour him,’ said Mr Astin.

Staff and pupils gathered to mark the special occasion on Tuesday
Staff and pupils gathered to mark the special occasion on Tuesday (Laxey School)

‘His dedication and enthusiasm for supporting our pupils' reading has positively influenced their fluency, confidence, and comprehension.

‘His contributions have helped instill a love of reading in our pupils. Both staff and children will greatly miss him.’ At the ceremony, David's grandson, Alex, played a pivotal role in commemorating the occasion.

He cut the ribbon and officially opened the shed.

The decision to name the new reading shed after Mr Cowley was met with unanimous approval from the school community, who deemed it to be a fitting tribute to his remarkable contributions.

Available to children of all ages at the school, the reading shed is designed to inspire children to engage with literature during playtimes.

Laxey School shared the announcement of the shed’s opening online and many hailed it as a ‘lovely tribute’.

David’s wife and Alex’s grandmother, Valerie, described it as a ‘lovely and kind gesture’ to David’s memory.

She said: ‘He would be so proud, a massive thank you to Mr Astin, Mr Kelly and Laxey School.

‘Very touching’.