A man who killed his wife with a claw hammer has had his automatic release from prison blocked by the UK Government.

Joanna Simpson, 46, who grew up in the island, was bludgeoned to death by her estranged husband, Robert Brown, in October 2010.

The former British Airways captain, who was convicted of manslaughter, was set to be released in November after serving half of his 26-year jail sentence.

Following a fierce campaign headed up by family and friends of Joanna Simpson, Justice Secretary Alex Chalk said he had referred the case to the Parole Board under public protection powers.

Mr Chalk told the BBC: ‘Mr Chalk said: 'Joanna Simpson was bludgeoned and buried at the hands of Robert Brown, which left two children without a mother and caused irreparable harm to her family and loved ones.

‘I made a commitment to Joanna's family that I would give this case my closest personal attention.

‘Having reviewed all the information available to me, I have blocked Brown's automatic release and referred this case to the Parole Board using powers we introduced to protect the public from the most dangerous offenders.’