It is a scandal that Isle of Man churches treat their parishes like fiefdoms, abusing their authority to run the show with open discrimination and unaccountability, whilst seeking to collect money from their flock, without teaching them the faith, promoting dubious secularist and globalist agendas that has nothing whatsoever to do with traditional church teaching and displaying an utter contempt for parishioners who question and who seek to express concerns.

Some church leaders, not all, are acting with complete and vigorous energy not at promoting the transcendent reality of God and the spiritual good of the community or new converts; but rather to create a secular worldly ‘brotherhood of man’ creed; whilst ostracising and keeping parishioners and vulnerable people in isolation, instead.

There are no home visits, no prayers offered for Masses requested for their deceased loved ones from parishioners who do they do not like and very little by way of pastoral care, other than for odd issues with some new strange modernist ideas, that have nothing whatever to do with the Gospel of Christ or the care of our eternal souls, in general.

In the meantime, the sex abuse scandal continues on the back burner, eating away at the heart of the Christian Church, as paedophile priests and rapists get promoted to the higher echelons of authority and committees.

Whilst appearing more like the Green Party placing climate change above life Issues for instance, the mechanics of liturgical services continue; but only to disguise the fact there is very little Christian spirit behind them, in reality.

One wonders given these realities to many parishioners, if the clergy themselves are only going through the motions; because deep down in reality they have lost their faith, themselves. How can we be led in this fashion, therefore?

Whilst they behave like this, the simple answer is do not donate to dubious so-called church causes that go to fill the pockets of a corrupt hierarchy when billions are made from elsewhere espousing Marxist communist ideology, whilst trampling underground their own persecuted, silenced flock, who remain lovingly faithful to the person of Jesus Christ and the faith taught down the centuries.

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