It seems our government has finally gone COMPLETELY bonkers!

Will they bother to ask if we actually want the south of the island transformed?

Not content with turning our enviable Douglas Victorian promenade into a characterless and dangerous jigsaw puzzle, making Ramsey into a drivers’ nightmare and making parking in Castletown so difficult that it is now virtually a ghost town, they now want to start on the south. Enough is enough!!

The powers that be have systematically destroyed almost everything that made our island unique.

Half of the railway has gone, half of the horse tram route has gone, what could have been a fantastic TT Museum at the Bungalow has gone, what should have been a perfect dining experience in the ‘lemon squeezer’ has gone – need I go on?

The government has systematically chipped away at everything that makes us unique.

We had what could have been the perfect foreign holiday at home for those who want something different without the hassle of foreign travel. But not anymore.

Will our government please stop trying to emulate England!

We are not England, we are Manx.

As our national poet T.E Brown wisely said: ‘Be proud of your island. Don’t do anything that will injure the character. Be Manx. Be thoroughly Manx ... progress as Manxmen.’

Rosie Scott

Ballanorris Crescent,


Editor’s note: While the plan has been presented to the government, it has yet to say whether it supports it. Share your views with our readers.

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