I really wanted to express our gratitude to all of the islanders we met, during our escape from the mainland.

The friendliness, courtesy and help given to us was nothing less than outstanding (especially from the children whose manners far exceed those from home).

During our time on your beautiful island, we’ve had locals even stop their cars to ask if we needed help when we were seen, obviously lost, reading a full-sized paper map.

The weather has been unbelievable to what we expected for such a lengthy visit and although we would love to stay longer, sadly it’s time to go ‘back to the world’ on the ferry.

The reason for my contacting you is in the hope that you could highlight the family who came to our rescue (again whilst lost looking for another vantage point to watch the races, but this time near Crosby).

We were on the inside of the circuit and a couple walking their dogs came down the lane.

Asking if they were local I added: ‘Is there anywhere on this side of the track where we can watch the races, we can’t seem to find anywhere?’

Shockingly for us the response was: ‘Our home is on the track, you can watch from our front garden.

‘welcome to use the toilet and if you fancy, make yourselves a hot drink....we’re off out for the afternoon to watch the football.’

They added: ‘If you need to get back to where your bikes parked up, simply go through the house and out of the back garden gate (with the roads being closed)’

Trust me, this sort of kindness would NEVER happen back home.

Of all the islanders we wet during our visit, our greatest thanks must therefore go to Karrie, Gareth, and Bailey,

and we hope that, somehow, you can announce this so that they might realise how grateful we truly are.

Joy and Dave Horne


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