This is no way to run a business

On Tuesday I tried to contact Manx Energy regarding a discrepancy in my gas bill.

After several minutes of waiting I got through to a gentleman and explained my situation.

He put me on hold for a few minutes and then came back on and asked for my customer account number and then put me back on hold.

After waiting around six minutes listening to terrible music, I was cut off completely.

To say that I’m not happy would be an understatement as firstly Jo Cox, chief executive officer of Manx Energy, assured everybody that their new computer system was now fixed when obviously it isn’t’.

Secondly, what are you supposed to do when customer services cut you off after spending 13 minutes on the phone trying to resolve an issue with your gas bill?

In February I paid off a deficit of over £400 through Manx Energy’s automated payment service which cleared my gas bill.

Then yesterday I received my gas bill only to discover that my previous closing balance had £819.52 carried forward when it should have been zero.

I’m beginning to wonder what the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is actually doing to ensure that gas customers are getting the correct bills sent out to them.

I’d also like to know why Jo Cox has been economical with the truth when she gave assurances that the new computer billing system was fixed when obviously it wasn’t.

At the moment I’m seriously thinking of cancelling my direct debit with Manx Energy and making them wait for me to pay my bill.

I’m sure that they wouldn’t take long to contact me if the payment was late.

So I would like to suggest to Jo Cox that she gets her house in order and fixes these problems as this attitude is no way to run a business.

John McLaughlan

Ballacobb Close,


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This letter was first published in the Manx Independent of March 16.