Regarding the cost of the Liverpool passenger terminal [which is being paid for by the Manx taxpayer] it appears Alfred Cannan is saying that we have gone from £25 to £90m.

Forgive me for being so cynical, but I guess with this we will still be counting after £90m and, to top it all folks, please remember after we stop throwing wheelbarrows full of our cash into this money pit, we don’t even own the site. What a total mess.

But don’t worry folks every cloud has a silver lining, Alf says we will have a government review and inquiry on what has gone on.

Wow, that makes everything ticketyboo doesn’t it?

To our hard-pressed Manx taxpayers, please don’t forget. Yes, of course, we will all once again have to dig deep into our pockets to pay for the forthcoming post-mortem.

Alf Caine

Strang Road


This letter was first published in the Isle of Man Examiner of August 1.

A response from Chris Thomas will appear in Tuesday's Isle of Man Examiner.

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