Ramsey Commissioners have been likened to ’playground bullies’ following their plans to expand the town boundary.

They have submitted a planning application which could see them annex parts of Garff and Lezayre.

The proposals have been met with resistance from both local authorities who’d be set to lose land, as well as residents who’d likely see their rates rise.

Jane Nash lives in Glen Auldyn, which would move from Lezayre to Ramsey if the plans are approved by the Department of Infrastructure.

She said it’s not just the financial implications they’re opposed to, explaining: ’The glen is a historical place, it’s quite a magical place, and it is Lezayre - it’s always been Lezayre.

’If you go back into the records as I did, it’s not part of Ramsey.

’Don’t get me wrong, I love Ramsey. I’ve got lots of friends in Ramsey.

’My quarrel isn’t with them at all, it’s with Ramsey Town Commissioners.

’It does seem a little bit like the big kid in the playground duffing up the small kid for their sweets.

’I think Lezayre Commissioners are a much smaller entity and they don’t have the clout.’

Asked what she would say to Ramsey Commissioners, she stated: ’Our Glen is Lezayre. And we’re very happy for people of Ramsey to come and use our facilities, to walk up there, bring their bikes up and everything.

’Just as we love to use Mooragh Park and go down into Ramsey.

’So I would like them to respect our "Lezayreness" and drop that, and also for Garff as well.

’I think if you allow it to go ahead you’re just opening a bit of a can of worms.’

Asked about her next steps, she said: ’I’m going to watch what the response is, going to monitor any further meetings. I’ve spoken to Tim Baker, he’s not for this at all.

’He also said that it would have to be passed by Tynwald, and in his view it would have to be unanimously agreed by Garff, Lezayre and Ramsey Town Commissioners - and I can’t honestly see that happening.’