Malew Commissioners is keeping its rate at 199 pence in the pound for next year and says it’s down to new residential and commercial development in the parish.

The local authority also claims ‘administrative savings’ and taking borrowings on a fixed rate means the board has been able to ‘balance the budget’ without a ‘burden’ on its residents.

It says the rates are split, with 26 percent going to the commissioners and the rest going to Manx Utilities for sewage and water bills.

Malew Commissioners have kept the rates the same for the last three years.

The local authority has also agreed to support the rate increase for the Southern Swimming Pool because it's an 'important' facility for the south.

In a statement, Malew Commissioners said: 'Over the next financial year, the commissioners are planning ways to improve the level of the appearance of the public open spaces by engaging contractors and also exploring a more collaborative approach with neighbouring authorities.

'The close working ties with Port Erin Commissioners continues to be of benefit to both authorities and plans to improve the resilience of the joint refuse service are underway.'