A 26-year-old Castletown man has been given an order to keep his dog under control.

Lukas Christopher Stott appeared in court after his Anatolian Shepherd cross Great Dane bit a woman.

The matter is a complaint rather than a criminal charge, but any breach of the control order would be a criminal offence.

Prosecuting advocate Roger Kane told the court that the woman was out walking with her Jack Russell called Elvis, on February 6, at Paradise Lane in Castletown.

She saw Mr Stott, who lives at Arbory Street, with his dog, who is called Finlo.

The dogs began barking at each other and Finlo was said to have bit the woman on the hip.

Mr Stott asked her: ‘Did he get your coat?’ and she replied: ‘Yes and he got me.’

She said that she suffered a five-inch scratch which broke the skin.

Mr Stott was interviewed and said he had done everything to keep Finlo under control.

He said that he had believed his dog had only got the woman’s coat and he was not aware of any injury.

Mr Kane said that there had been no previous issues involving the dog, so an order to keep him under control would be the most appropriate action.

Mr Stott represented himself in court and said that he didn’t believe that Finlo had intentionally bitten the woman, but had turned and caught her while he was barking at Elvis.

He admitted his dog had caused harm and said that Finlo was always on a lead, and that he also offered to muzzle him, but that he was in no way dangerous.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood also ordered Mr Stott to pay £50 prosecution costs by May 24.