A man who vandalised two cars after a drinking binge has been fined £1,000 for property damage and ordered to pay £2,029.65 compensation.

Richard Walton told police he had drunk a litre of Jack Daniels, a litre of malt whisky, and a bottle of wine, and couldn’t remember anything.

The 41-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of property damage, while a third charge, of resisting arrest, was withdrawn in light of the guilty pleas.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that police were called to Raphael Road in Douglas on New Year’s Day, at 5.06am.

Witnesses had reported a male damaging cars and one had followed Walton to his address.

Police arrived at the defendant’s home, at Demesne Road in Douglas, and saw him appear at a top window.

He shouted: ‘What do you want?’

‘I was there five minutes ago and no-one damaged no car.

‘What the f*** do you want?  F*** you.’

Walton was arrested and when interviewed told police he had drunk the litre of Jack Daniels, another litre of malt whisky, and the bottle of wine.

Mr Swain said that the defendant had not said over what period of time he had drunk the alcohol.

Walton told police he didn’t remember damaging any vehicles, but when shown a photo of him which was taken by a witness, admitted that it showed him.

He said that he wanted to apologise to the owners and would pay for the damage.

A Skoda sustained two broken wing mirrors and scratches, which an invoice was provided for totalling £1,829.65.

No value was provided for a Nissan which sustained a broken wing mirror but magistrates awarded £200 compensation for that.

Defence advocate Louise Cooil said that it had been over a decade since her client’s last offence and asked the court to deal with the offences by way of a financial penalty.

Walton said that he drank every day and if he wasn’t working would binge drink.

Ms Cooil said that, once he had been released from custody, Walton had contacted the drug and alcohol team and had since met with Motiv8.

The defendant said that he had no idea why he had damaged the cars and was deeply ashamed and embarrassed, as they belonged to neighbours who lived near to him.

Magistrates also ordered Walton to pay £125 prosecution costs, and he agreed to pay all amounts at a rate of £150 per month.