The board of directors of Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) has elected Katherine Gizinski, chief executive of ManSat, as its chairwoman.

SSPI is the industry’s largest, most international and cross-disciplinary network of individuals and companies.

It is where the people of space and satellite do business, from new hires to seasoned executives, in startups on the launch pad and mature companies with billions in revenue.

Katherine’s predecessor at ManSat, Manxman Chris Stott, also served terms as chair and president of the SSPI.

As CEO of ManSat, Katherine leads a team of experts in international spectrum regulation and market access.

From filing services to customized consultancy, ManSat guides clients through complex regulatory environments and facilitates development of regulatory frameworks to support ground-breaking technologies coming to market. Before joining ManSat, Katherine worked with US defence contractors to bring commercial satellite and terrestrial communication technologies to austere environments in support of military, diplomatic, first responder, and commercial initiatives.

A graduate of the International Space University’s Executive programme, Katherine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia.