Keyll Darree resource library at Noble’s Hospital has invested in a top-of-the-range Anatomy TV resource.The latter allows the library to cater for those interested in the growing field of simulation education.

It is available to anyone in Manx Care and any associated government services to use.

Particular groups who will benefit from the Anatomy TV are physiotherapists, nursing, medical, and placement students, foundation doctors, clinical staff, and those who may use it as an aid to explain anatomy and physiology to patients.

The software can also be used in teaching and Continued Professional Development (CPD).

As well as the web-based resources, Anatomy TV also has a virtual reality (VR) function where a user can ‘step inside’ a body and look around.

This allows you to examine anatomy up close, highlighting specific components of the body and seeing them independently and in situ, as well as reading more information about the structures of the body.

There will be a VR headset permanently based in Keyll Darree, but users who have their own headsets can get in touch with the library to request the Primal VR login details.

Anatomy TV is available at all Government IP addresses and to anyone with an Athens account.

The library currently holds 10 licenses which will enable 10 people to use the software at any one time. Users must remember to close the page when they are done so that other people can access it.

Senior library assistant Stacey Astill said: ‘This new technology will enable patients, students and colleagues to have a clearer understanding of the human body.

‘The software comes with easy-to-follow modules so that people are able to understand how to use equipment in a timely manner.

‘VR is an amazing way to encourage both vocational and academic learners.’