The infrastructure minister says there were over 900 defects throughout the project on Douglas promenade, many of which 'remain outstanding'.

Chris Thomas was asked whether he considers the prom to be completed in the House of Keys this morning.

He said it was finished on March 1, 2022 but couldn't give the cost of the work done as a final account is in the process of being agreed with the main contractor.

After Glenfaba and Peel MHK Tim Crookall gave examples of a number of places along the stretch that could be identified as trip hazards, Mr Thomas said over 900 defects had been identified before the work commenced.

'Many of these remain outstanding,' he said. 'A major point of discussion is the red concrete, which is treated as a defect.

‘Discussions are ongoing.’

Garff MHK Daphne Caine said she was ‘shocked’ to learn that the minister would consider it complete as the horse tram tracks still don’t run the full length of the prom.

She asked if additional funding is being sought for this.

Mr Thomas said that section to the sea terminal was removed from the project in 2020.

‘A separate project business case has been developed with options,’ he said.

‘Tynwald’s fiscal position is tight at present, so I am unable to advise when that scheme may be brought forward.’

He was not able to give a date for when this is expected.