The Isle of Man’s former medical director, Dr Rosalind Ranson, has won her employment tribunal against the Isle of Man Government.

The three-week tribunal took place earlier this year.

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A statement from the British Medical Association reads:

“In March 2020 it became apparent that Dr Ranson and her team’s expert advice was not being heeded.

“The island’s pandemic strategy of following Public Health England was rejected by the island’s doctors. Dr Ranson’s role was to get their voices heard.

“After some delay the government followed Dr Ranson’s medical advice and implemented the recommendations around quarantine and controls at the port.

“When the island’s new healthcare service, Manx Care, was created in April 2021 Dr Ranson fully expected to transfer to it as chief medical director.

“Instead she was moved sideways into what the judgement called ‘an empty shell role’ still within the Department of Health and Social Care.

“The tribunal concluded that because Dr Ranson had ‘blown the whistle,’ speaking out about her concerns, she was first side-lined and eventually, unfairly dismissed.

“It also considered the praise of Dr Ranson by her colleagues acknowledging she was held in high esteem and found that the chief executive’s criticisms of Dr Ranson were ‘ludicrous and unjustifiable’.”

Tomorrow’s Manx Independent will include comprehensive coverage.