Ramsey commissioners has received a 'green flag' award for how well it manages Mooragh Park and its green space.

The accolade is given to parks 'as an international mark for leisure areas across the UK', with Mooragh Park being the only place on the island to receive this recognition.

Lead member for parks and leisure at Ramsey commissioners, Geoff Court, said he’s ‘delighted’ that Mooragh Park was granted this award for the second year in a row.

Mr Court said: 'The Mooragh Park is an absolute credit to the town and the community. The parks department put so much hard work into it, and I might sound biased, but I think it’s easy to say it’s the best park on the whole island. This flag proves it.

'They essentially sent someone around to assess the quality of the space, the amenities that are provided and the level of maintenance. There’s a whole spectrum.

'It's the same way that you get blue flag's for the beach which acknowledge water clarity and amenities.

'We’ve got fantastic eateries, we’ve got a beautiful boating lake, we’ve got wonderful green spaces and we’ve got a bowling alley.

'The green flag is renewed every year, so you’ve really got to keep on your toes and luckily here in Ramsey, everyone is keeping the park beautiful for the benefit of everybody in the community.'