Moore's Smokehouse in Peel is set to officially close its doors this weekend.

One of the most iconic food producers on the island, Moore's Smokehouse is the last traditional Manx kipper yard and has been in operation since 1882.

The current owners, who have been in charge of the Smokehouse for six years, released a statement on social media announcing that they can no longer run the operation.

The statement reads: 'It’s game over for us. Jen and I [Darren] tried to turn around a dinosaur.

'So this Saturday and Sunday [September 30 and October 1] we are launching our closing down sale.

'We are raising cash to clear the final debts to ensure our fantastic local food producers and wholesale companies are made whole.

'We are not far away. The key for Jen and I is to make our creditors whole.

'We are tapped out and can’t do anything else to save the most iconic food and kipper producing smokehouse the Isle of Man has to offer.

'While we are licking our wounds and will be for sometime, as a custodian of this building for the short time it was under our stewardship, we will remember why we tried - for all the right reasons.'

Sunday, October 1 will be the companies' last day of trade.