The police have issued a stern warning to motorists after receiving concerning reports of bad driving around primary schools almost twice daily in the last week.

Isle of Man Constabulary has posted on Facebook to say it has received 13 reports in the last eight days and has the registration numbers of many of them.

The force says such driving could result in children or family members being hurt or knocked over as a result of such poor driving.

The Facebook post says: ‘Over the past eight days our road safety manager has received 13 reports of poor driving, near misses and people driving through red lights, zebra crossings (while in use) and school crossing patrollers. All of these reports have come from areas around our primary schools.

‘Fear not, as for the majority reported we have been given car registration details and these people will be spoken to.

‘How would you feel if these were your children, grandchildren or other family members nearly being knocked off their bikes, unable to cross the road safely to or from school or even just cross the road because they had been out to play with their friends.

‘When driving in and around school areas please drive carefully, stick to the speed limit and obey the rules of the road.’

The force has reminded people they must stop at red lights, stop at zebra crossings when people are waiting to or already using them and stop when a school crossing patroller is going into or is already in the road.