The Department of Infrastructure is to install a light controlled pedestrian crossing on Glen Darragh Road, Glen Vine.

The department says the crossing will primarily serve users of the heritage trail, which bisects the road near to Marown School.

A spokesperson added: ‘It will have request buttons set at heights that can be operated by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders alike.

‘A light-controlled crossing has been designed for this location due to the lack of sight lines especially the restricted view caused by the bend in the road on the approach from the Peel Road side.

‘On the approach from the Peel Road side there will be additional flashing warning lights installed further back up the road to warn motorists when the crossing’s lights are on red.’

The crossing will be of a similar type as that already installed at the trail crossing on New Castletown Road at the Quarterbridge in Douglas.

High friction surfacing will be applied either side of the junction to further enhance road safety.

Chicane barriers will also be installed on the trail on the approaches to the crossing.

These barriers will be similar to those installed elsewhere on the trail and are designed to allow the passage of pedestrian, cycle and horse traffic but will stop general motor vehicle access.

Arrangements are in place to allow Manx Utilities continuing access to their waste storage facilities situated off the Heritage Trail a few yards either side of this junction.

A tender process is currently underway to select a main contractor to construct the crossing. It is anticipated that work will start in early September subject to a successful tender process.

The department has said it will try and ensure access along the trail will be maintained throughout the work.