For those of a certain vintage, the name Timmy Mallett will spark nostalgic flashbacks to their 1980s childhood.

The chaotic world of ‘Wacaday’ or the ‘Wide Awake Club’ and his madcap game ‘Mallett’s Mallett’ left kids across the country entertained for hours on a Saturday morning.

Now, you have a chance of meeting the television star, who also scored a number one hit in 1990 with his version of ‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’.

Timmy appeared on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ in 2008 and was the fourth contestant to get eliminated. He has also appeared on a number of stage shows over the years.

Timmy is visiting the Isle of Man this month with Ultimate Productions and hosting an evening with Timmy in the function room at the Ramsey Park Hotel on March 19.

The evening will kick off at 7.30pm with live acoustic music on stage until 8.30pm. The bar in the function room will be open throughout.

Then the star of the show will join host, Energy FM presenter James Proudfoot, who will interview Timmy and take you through his career featuring classic video clips and pictures. There will also be a chance for those attending to ask Timmy their own questions during Q&A from the audience.

There is even more available as Ultimate Productions explains on their website.

The organisers say: ‘We will also be getting the famous Mallet’s Mallett out and two lucky audience members will be chosen to take part in a quick re-enactment of the kids’ quiz made famous by the man himself.

‘We will bring the evening to a close at around 10pm and then those of you with the VIP package will be invited to stay behind and spend a further 30 minutes or so in he company of Timmy who will sign autographs and merchandise and will gladly have a picture with you.

‘This promises to be a fantastic night in the company of an icon and a genuinely nice man.’

Another of Timmy’s many talents is painting. Both his oil and watercolour works have sold at galleries across the country.

He has already posted a picture of painting equipment he has bought ready to capture the beautiful landscape of the island. In the post he says: ‘Are you ready, Isle of Man?’

l Tickets are £20 for general admission and £30 for the VIP package. If you are interested in attending, visit tickets to buy tickets.