No more signage for roundels or crossings

By Gemma Nettle   |   Reporter   |
Saturday 14th May 2022 5:21 pm
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The ‘roundel’ at the junction of Broadway and Douglas Promenades - (Isle of Man Newspapers )

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There will be no additional signage for visitors in the TT to warn them of recent changes to junctions, such as the prom’s roundels or new crossings.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall told the House of Keys on Tuesday that the new highway layout has now been operating ‘for some time’ and ‘has proven effective and efficient to most people’.

‘Visiting motorists will drive accordingly to the layout,’ he said. ‘The unmarked junctions [roundels] at Broadway and Church Road Marina are more common in the UK and Europe, and hopefully they should not be too much of a problem to our visitors.

‘Hopefully they will also adhere to the 20mph speed limits on the promenade and take care.’

Mr Crookall added: ‘Final advanced directional signage plates are currently being installed in advance at the junctions with Broadway and Church Road Marina. All permanent regulatory signage is currently in place.

‘The department is planning to install temporary information signage to advise motorcyclists about inappropriate parking on footways and areas of public open space.’

The installation of the temporary signage had ‘nothing to do with’ the safety audit undertaken in April.

The minister said: ‘It is extra signage. We have already noticed we have got visiting motorcyclists that are parking up on the pavements and things, so they are being advised to stay away.

‘I would ask hoteliers to ask their guests, if they are visiting motorcyclists, to stay off the promenade and open spaces as well please, and use the car parking or motorbike spaces.’


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