The police say that a widely circulated video regarding Abbotswood Nursing Home provides no new factual information for its investigation team.

It comes after an hour-long video was recently published and shared online, where Zandra Lewis, the director of nursing at Abbotswood, which was in Ballasalla, during the outbreak of the pandemic was questioned by an unknown interviewer.

During the pandemic, 20 Abbotswood residents died of Covid-19.

The police said: ‘The Isle of Man Constabulary is aware of various allegations made by Zandra Lewis in a recent podcast relating to the Abbotswood care home case.

‘Ms Lewis was the director of nursing at Abbotswood Nursing Home at the time that their licence to operate was suspended.

‘The broad outline of the allegations was known to the original investigation team and the podcast contained no new factual information.

‘The available evidence in the case was reviewed by independent legal counsel at the conclusion of the joint investigation by police and the Health & Safety Inspectorate.

‘Ms Lewis subsequently accepted a formal caution for several breaches of health and safety regulations.

‘The constabulary will make contact with Ms Lewis to ascertain whether she has any new evidence which was not considered by the original enquiry.

‘However, at this time the Isle of Man Constabulary will not be providing any further comment.’