The owner of the Trevelyan Hotel has applied to demolish most of the building and replace it will 15 flats.

A similar application for approval in principle was rejected in 2021.

While the back of the building would be rebuilt, the prom facing facade would be retained.

Dating back to the late 19th century, the hotel, with its shared bathrooms, the application says, is not up to modern standards.

If approved, the open core of the hotel will be demolished and rebuilt to maximise space for the new flats, which will also allow for the modernisation of the plumbing and electrical systems.

The application’s design statement says: ‘The location of this site is a suitable central location for apartment living which is commonplace along Douglas promenade. The building use-class will need to be changed from hotel to residential, however there are several examples of previous hotel demolition and rebuild apartments close to the site along the Douglas promenade.’

A structural report from AB Consulting said the current configuration of the building is ‘not conducive with the proposed conversion’.

It adds: ‘As the building consists of a combination of beams, columns and load bearing masonry, it will be possible to sequence the deconstruction of the rear of the buildings while retaining the existing facade.’