A man from Sussex is going to drive the entire length of the UK in a Peel P50 car, originally manufactured in the island, to raise money for charity.

Alex Orchin believes he is the first to take on this challenge in that specific car and will start at John o’ Groats, Scotland on Saturday and finish in Land’s End, Cornwall after two weeks of travel.

He hopes to raise £2,000 for BBC Children in Need and has already surpassed £1,000.

Mr Orchin bought his own Peel P50 four years ago.

He said: ’I’ve had an interest in old cars and unusual cars for a very long time and I’ve owned a number of them but the Peel P50 is by far the weirdest.

’Every time I drive it, I love it so much that I just want to drive it further. I got into my head, "what about driving the entire length of the UK for a charity?"

’A friend of mine said about Children in Need and I thought "that is perfect", it’s a charity I’ve always supported so I thought "that sounds like a good challenge".’

He is aware of its link to the island and the car’s namesake.

The 31-year-old said: ’I’ve always wanted to take my Peel P50 to the Isle of Man and take it to Peel, that would be like a pilgrimage for it.

’Maybe I’ll get this little drive out the way first though.’

Originally built in the 1960s, there are fewer than 30 original models left.

He explained his plan for the journey.

’The car itself doesn’t go much above 35mph because it’s so tiny. It can’t legally go on motorways but even if it could, I wouldn’t because it would be too dangerous so I will be going on quiet roads, plus on the motorway you don’t really get to see the country so I’ll be going down through cities, towns and villages.

’I’m also taking my Highland bagpipes, I’ve been playing pipes for 20 years, and I’ll be playing in different towns standing next to the car explaining who I am and what I’m doing and meeting people, raising money as I go along.’

The YouTuber added that the car is not the most comfortable to drive due to its size.

He said: ’I can just about fit in there comfortably but I’ve never driven it, to date, more than about an hour and a half so undertaking 830-odd miles will be interesting.

’The car will be fine but it depends how long I can subject myself to it. It’s a challenge so I’ll be pushing myself to try and make some decent time.’

He will be supported by a friend in a camper van that will give him accommodation.

Having already raised over £1,000, he added: ’I’m amazed just by the support I’ve got so far and I think as I’m doing the trip it’s going to start snowballing.’

You can donate via his GoFund Me page.