Just under £30,000 has been raised for Breast Cancer Now as a result of its sponsored sleep on Snaefell.

Around 65 people took on the challenge last weekend.

Lesley Walker, one of the organisers of the event who also took part, said: ‘The day itself was beautiful and we’d enjoyed our time down at Victory Cafe about 7pm and then walked up from the Bungalow to the Snaefell Summit Cafe.

‘The weather was lovely but a few hours into the evening it turned a little bit colder.

‘Most of us settled down between 11:30pm and midnight and that’s when the mist started to come down which created a damp atmosphere. It was cold and it was windy but despite it all everyone remained really in high spirits, some people got sleep, others not so much. It was a great atmosphere up there. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.’

The event was so popular that Breast Cancer Now organised a separate event called ‘Party on the Peak’ which saw others having a meal at the Summit Cafe.

It was organised to celebrate 30 years of the charity raising funds in the island.

Breast Cancer Now thanked the Snaefell Summit Cafe staff who kept it open so people could have hot drinks and use the facilities during the night, the Victory Cafe staff, musician Nathan Thompson who kept everyone entertained, civil defence volunteers who accompanied them, and the Lieutenant Governor and his wife, who also attended.