Concern over impact of new Camlork road

Monday 23rd September 2019 2:55 pm

Land at Camlork that is zoned for development photographed from Lhergy Cripperty that residents are apposed to the development.

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The inquiry into the area plan for the east has heard that there are concerns over the potential impact of any new road.

Representatives of Braddan Commissioners and residents opposed to development at Camlork highlighted perceived issues with a new main road through the area.

Under Dandara’s plan to build 140 new homes at Camlork, a new road would be built which would link the A1 road between Peel and Douglas at Union Mills to a location on Mount Rule near Noble’s Hospital.

Jim Tarzy, a planning director representing Braddan Commissioners, said that his objection to the new road focused on the impact on the amenities of the houses at the western (Peel) end of the road.

Mr Tarzy said a new road would have an ’unacceptable impact’ on the houses due to the increase of noise at the rear of the properties.

A representative from the group Save Camlork, Mr Woods, later told the inquiry that the creation of the road would create ’a noise peninsular’ for residents.

He revealed that he had conducted hearing tests on his own property on Peel Road and said that at current, the houses themselves were acting as noise insulation from the main road.

Mr Woods said that the introduction of a new road would mean that the back of the houses would experience the same noise as the front.

This was challenged by a representative from Dandara who said that there was ’no evidence that the proposed road would function as the A1 does’. Mr Woods accepted this.

The Dandara representative then noted that the new road ’would need the same traffic as the A1’ to make the same noise at the back of the houses.

However, Mr Woods argued that as the road would be used by HGVs and buses that wished to avoid using the Strang Road, it would see an increase in noise both from new cars and heavy traffic.

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